In August 2021, Grande’s stainless steel threaded ball valve lean production line was officially put into operation. In the past three months, compared with the traditional production method, the production efficiency has increased by 30%, and the production and management costs have been reduced by 8%.

Lean production is a production method that does not invest redundant production factors, uses the least inventory, the least labor, the most reasonable process arrangement, and the fastest production efficiency to produce products. The characteristics of this production method are mainly reflected in 6 aspects!


5S ( Seiri, Section, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke) is an effective tool for on-site visual management, as well as an effective tool for improving employee literacy. Through the detailed site standards and clear responsibilities, let employees first maintain the cleanliness of the site, and at the same time, it is obvious to expose and solve the problems of the site and equipment, and then gradually develop standardized professional habits and good professional quality.

Single piece flow

One piece is produced and moved at a time, each step is just completed when the next step is needed, the entire pipeline flows continuously, no backlogs, no stagnation.

Standardized work

Standardization is the most effective management tool to achieve high production efficiency and high quality. Standards are not only the basis for product quality determination, but also the basis for employees to standardize operations. These standards include on-site visual standards, equipment management standards, product production standards and product quality standards.

Worker and material movement

The layout of the assembly line is reasonable, and the production workers do not move needlessly. Due to the reasonable arrangement of the material location and the reasonable process route, there is no unnecessary material movement. These have greatly improved production efficiency.

Kanban management

Kanban is a means of communicating production management information, and Kanban cards contain a considerable amount of information and can be used over and over again. There are two types of kanbans commonly used: production kanban and shipping kanban. Kanban is relatively straightforward, obvious to all, and easy to manage.

Fast switching

Fast switching can minimize equipment downtime through teamwork. When changing product lines and adjusting equipment, can minimize lead time, minimize the waste of line stoppage and waiting, and greatly improve production efficiency.