1. The opening and closing direction of the valve should always be closed clockwise.

2. Since the valves in the pipe network are often opened and closed manually, the opening and closing revolutions should not be too many, even large-diameter valves should be within 200-600 revolutions.

3. In order to facilitate the opening and closing operation of one person, the maximum opening and closing torque should be 240m-m under the condition of pipeline work pressure.

4. The opening and closing operation end of the valve should be a square tenon with standardized dimensions and face the ground, so that people can directly operate it from the ground. Valves with discs are not suitable for underground pipe networks.

5. Valve opening and closing degree display panel

  • The scale line for the degree of valve opening and closing should be cast on the gearbox cover or on the casing of the display panel after changing the direction, all facing the ground, and the scale line should be painted with fluorescent powder to show eye-catching
  • The material of the indicator dial needle can be made of stainless steel plate under the condition of good management, otherwise it is painted steel plate, do not use aluminum skin;
  • The indicator dial needle is eye-catching and firmly fixed. Once the opening and closing adjustment is accurate, it should be locked with rivets.

6. If the valve is buried deep, and the distance between the operating mechanism and the display panel is ≥15m from the ground, there should be an stem extension facility, and it should be fixed firmly so that people can observe and operate from the ground. That is to say, the valve opening and closing operation in the pipeline network is not suitable for downhole operation.