404, 2023

Installation precautions for large welded ball valves

Large-diameter welded ball valves are important valve products commonly used in industrial production, and their safety is crucial. Improper installation may cause safety issues such as uneven force, which can be harmful to personnel and [...]

810, 2022

Valve operating mechanism: 6 tips

1. The opening and closing direction of the valve should always be closed clockwise. 2. Since the valves in the pipe network are often opened and closed manually, the opening and closing revolutions should not [...]

2409, 2022

How to correctly check and accept valve products

Valve products are worth every penny, those with an advantage in price generally use their minds in terms of material, valve body size, and valve weight, which leads to the emergence of many 'non-standard' products [...]

1209, 2022

Modernized Grande’s production line

In August 2021, Grande's stainless steel threaded ball valve lean production line was officially put into operation. In the past three months, compared with the traditional production method, the production efficiency has increased by 30%, [...]

209, 2022

Analysis of Fracture Failure of Ball Valve Stem

The pipeline ball valve is an indispensable element for controlling medium in the oil and gas pipeline. An imported pipeline ball valve used by a certain unit had a valve stem fracture accident at the [...]

2508, 2022

How to source a reliable Chinese supplier?

Get in touch with at least 10 potential suppliers, to evaluate if they could match you. Request quotations from them, to get a first pricing, then you will likely get several very similar quotes, that's [...]

1208, 2022

Precautions for the use of forged steel valves

Forged steel valves often ignore the problem of grease injection. After the grease injection gun is refueled, the operator selects the valve and the grease injection connection method, and then performs the grease injection operation. [...]

508, 2022

4 fatal points when choosing natural gas pipeline valves

Point 1 Natural gas transported by pipeline contains a large amount of hydrogen sulfide (a toxic and highly corrosive gas) before desulfurization. Even the natural gas that has undergone desulfurization and other processes still has [...]

2907, 2022

Valve sealing principle

There are many kinds of valves, but the basic function is the same, that is, to connect or cut off the flow of the medium. Therefore, the sealing problem of the valve is very prominent. [...]