It is directly connected to the pipeline (or equipment) to provide the channel of the medium circulation


To connect with the valve body (or through other parts, such as diaphragm) and it is also the main part of the pressure control with the valve body

Open-close part

A part used to opening and closing the flow of media Ex. the gate plate in the gate valve, the flap in the throttle valve


Opening and closing parts in valves for swing check valves,butterfly valve or globe valve.

Bodyseat ring

Install inside the valve body,it is sealing for the opening and closing parts.

Sealing face

There are tightly attached to the valve seat (valve body) for sealing purpose of both side of the valve body.


The main part to control opening and closing of the valve.

Yoke bushing

Fasten the valve stem and handle moving together.

Stuffing box

At the upper part of valve cap (or valve body) , to prevent the medium leaking out of from the valve stem.

Stuffing box

It is fill along with the stem packing for prevent the medium leaking out from the valve stem.


Used to fix the stem packing to reach the sealed parts.


Packed into the middle part of stuffing case(or stuffing box),to block the medium leaking from the valve stem.

Packing seat

Support the stem packing and keep the stem packing sealed.


On the valve cap or valve body, it is used to support the stem nut and other moving system.

Impact handwheel

Impack handwheel using to reduce valve operating force