Performance of fully welded ball valves

1. No maintenance, adjustment and lubrication required, easy to install, long-term reliable operation at low operating cost. The surface adopts plastic spraying treatment technology, with beautiful luster, which is already at the leading level in China. There will be no external leakage. The valve body is welded, so the valve is lightweight and easy to insulate. It is very simple to install the adjustment mechanism. The operating handle can be removed and installed in the reverse direction.

2. Because the valve seat is composed of carbon fiber reinforced Teflon sealing ring and disc spring, it has strong adaptability to change in pressure and temperature, and will not produce any leakage within the marked pressure and temperature range.

3. The processing of the sphere is tracked by an advanced computer detector, so the processing accuracy of the sphere is high.

4. Because the valve body material is the same as the pipe material, there will be no uneven stress, nor deformation due to earthquakes and vehicles passing through the ground, and the pipeline is resistant to aging.

5. Integral all-welded, equal-diameter and variable-diameter channels, using fixed balls and floating balls, double-piston effect sealing system, automatic injection of sealant bearings.

6. In order to prevent static electricity, steel balls and springs are respectively installed between the valve stem and the ball body, also between the valve stem and the stuffing box, which can maintain the electrical conduction of all parts of the valve and the valve body, allowing current to pass through the area and discharge static electricity.

7. The stem is designed to be detachable because the stem is affected by the pressure inside the valve and produces a total force of detachment.

8. The thrust washer of low friction material is used to push the pressure to the valve stem so that the valve stem only plays the role of transmitting torque.