1501, 2020

30 Valve entry terminology, you must know!

Valve entry terminology has two basic parts,which is terminology of valve industry and valve parts.After study these two parts,then you will have a good knowledge of valve,especially widely used for fully welded ball valve. 1. [...]

201, 2020

Happy New Year 2020 from Grande-Tek

Near 2020 Grande-Tek Flow Control Company can’t wait to send you the earliest New Year wishes! Grande-Tek Flow Control Company Thanks to all our guests and partners who support us in 2019; Thanks to our [...]

1412, 2019

Guide to Industrial Valves identification

The identification of the valve is important in the absence of valve drawings, the loss of the nameplate and the incomplete valve parts. The correct use of the industrial valve, the weld repair of the valve parts, the repair of the valve parts and the replacement of the valve are greatly significant.

2011, 2019

8 common industrial valve pressure test methods

Under normal circumstances, industrial valves are not tested for strength during use, but the valve body and bonnet or corroded valve body and bonnet should be tested for strength after repair. For safety valves, the [...]

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